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Our Value

Company Values
We, EAGON, aim to imagine and create the most comfortable and beautiful way of life.

With so much more of peoples’ lives moving indoors, we realized the need for a fresh perspective on designing spaces where people think, live, and work - beyond the mere production and construction of windows and doors.

Every day, we strive to find ways to create a new trend in which innovative designs can provide our customers with the most comfortable environments, thereby elevating their standards of living.

We promise to provide our customers with the best products and services based on concerns for people, space and life.

Product Design and Philosophy

We believe that the first step of a design plan is to listen to the customers and understand their needs. To provide products that satisfy our customers, we make full use of our own product research institute; here, we test our products to achieve optimal quality, design, and configurations according to our customers’ wants and needs.

The word ‘Innovation’ is a compound of “in” and “nov”, meaning “to renew from inside”. Our product innovation focuses on continuously improving and developing our own products, rather than imitating others’. We strive to make our products suitable for holistic interior design that reflects modern trends and customer needs.

Our core belief is that innovation creates well-functioning, beautiful designs that work in harmony with our customers’ living environments. EAGON will not cease to put our best efforts towards achieving our core belief and providing quality products.

Giving Back To The Community
EAGON sets high importance on returning the love and favor to the local community.

With a strong emphasis on people and their personal spaces, EAGON strongly believes that everyone has the right to sustain a happy and beautiful life in their homes. We engage in various volunteer activities wherever help is needed to improve the living standards of those in need. We consider bringing positive changes to peoples’ lives as the greatest mission in our work.

Activities for cultural enrichment: We host a free-of-charge classical concert (Eagon Concert) annually for underprivileged communities. We also offer various cultural experience programs and scholarships to underprivileged youth.

Domestic volunteer work: We provide free meals to underprivileged families and repair/remodel their homes.

Overseas volunteer work:
- The Solomon Islands: We have built a hospital and raised a fund for local community development.
- Chile: Delivered donations to help restore the local community after the Great Chilean Earthquake. Visited the homes of those affected by the Great Chilean Earthquake to repair their houses and carry out the restoration work.

Advanced Engineering

  • EAGON is a leading manufacturer in the field of windows and construction materials in Korea.

    Established in 1988, EAGON is a specialized windows and doors manufacturing company with the best technology. Under the vision of becoming “The best company that creates a beautiful life,” we were the first windows and doors company to introduce German window systems and technology in Korea. Our skilled workers, who have produced windows for more than 20 years on average, strive to produce various products such as European-style luxury AL windows and doors, AL cladding windows and doors, wood windows and doors, and curtain walls. Based on our accumulated technology, we have produced and constructed windows and doors for numerous landmarks in Korea, such as Incheon International Airport, Korea Electric Power Corporation Headquarters, Hyundai Motor Headquarters, and the Bank of Korea.

  • EAGON works with architects around the world to solve their concerns.

    We have been recognized for our technology, with several successful manufacturing and construction projects of windows and doors for landmark buildings internationally. Our overseas projects include the National Museum of Qatar, Jang Bo-go Antarctic Research Station, Bitexco Financial Tower in Vietnam, and the Telus Sky Tower in Canada. Eagon does not simply manufacture high quality products - instead, we strive to be a one-stop service including design, engineering, production, construction, and follow-up maintenance. Since 2016, we have entered the North American luxury housing market, keenly paying attention to the opinions of building owners and architects to produce products that meet the needs of the market. Our new products for North American customers boast a trend-leading slim design with high insulation performance, solving many architects’ and users’ concerns.

  • EAGON is a company with an international certification center.

    We operate an internationally recognized testing laboratory in our research institute. Our testing laboratory allows us to put our products through various stringent tests, including airtightness, water penetration, insulation, condensation, and opening/closing tests. The valuable data we gain from these tests allows us to innovate and improve upon our products. The test report issued by our certification center has an equal validity as the reports issued by 86 accreditation bodies in 72 countries around the world, belonging to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

    We aim to improve the energy efficiency of housing and to create a pleasant residential space through the performance verification process. As a window and door specialized company with qualifications as an internationally recognized testing agency, we will lead the domestic and overseas window and door market through strict quality control and advanced product development.

Our manufacturing factory has a total of 231,424 ft2 of production facilities, from the automated warehouse to the product shipment base. The factory boasts the latest manufacturing facilities, and the whole process from the rolling of AL raw material to the packing of finished products is systemized linearly. Our factory also has automated equipment with computer numerical control (CNC), as well as various manufacturing and transportation systems for manufacturing high-quality windows. Moreover, the facilities are overseen and managed by skilled professionals with experience of more than 20 years on average. With such resources, we strive to meet the demand for various designs, high standard of quality, and delivery dates according to the customers’ request.

In addition, our automated warehouse of 19,000ft2 – which is approximately the height of an 11-story building, enables computerized management of various hardware and accessories to provide timely material supply, keep track of accurate inventory, and protect the quality of raw materials.

Our factory has an annual production capacity of 150,000 units (350-400 units per day) and produces a wide range of products, including AL system windows and doors , polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows, AL-wood/AL-PVC combined composite material system windows and doors, and curtain walls for buildings. The factory has a total land area of 327,914 ft2, including storage and production facilities, and it has been carrying out many domestic and international projects.

Factory Specifications

  • Land Size
    327,914 ft2
  • Building Size
    231,424 ft2
  • Annual Production
    150,000 units
  • Projects
    45,150 Projects
    (since 1988)


  • 2020
    Concluded a technology partnership agreement with Aluplast
    Developed AL slim product - slim window and sliding door - for the North American market
    Concluded a domestic sales contract with SKYFRAME
  • 2019
    Sponsored products for the movie “Parasite”
    Supplied and constructed products for the National Museum of Qatar
  • 2018
    Obtained the certification of the Passive House in Germany with Super Vacuum Glass, won the New Technology Award
    Received the project order for the construction of the Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV) and PV at Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport
  • 2016
    Recognized as an international accredited testing organization (KOLAS) under the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
    Entered the luxury housing window market in North America.
  • 2015
    Won IR52 Award, the most prestigious new technology/innovation award in South Korea, for Ultra-insulated Vacuum Glass
  • 2014
    Received the order for Telus Sky in Canada
  • 2012
    Received the order for window supply and construction of Jang Bo-go Antarctic Research Station
    Concluded an exclusive sales contract in Korea with Cardinal, a company specializing in functional glass
  • 2010
    Developed vacuum glass with the world’s best insulation performance
  • 2005
    Received the order for exterior wall construction of Sonangol Group office building in Angola
    Obtained KS certification
  • 2004
    Concluded a business partnership with Watahan Kouki in Japan
    Constructed a new company building and factory.
  • 2003
    Obtained ISO9001 certification
  • 1999
    Concluded a contract for window construction at Incheon International Airport
  • 1998
    Obtained ISO9002 certification
  • 1996
    Established the second factory.
  • 1994
    Exported system windows to Russia
  • 1989
    Started manufacturing system windows and curtain walls
  • 1988
    Established EAGON Windows and Doors