Partner Benefit

  • Specialized Dealerships

    Eagon provides a path for success through a series of our innovative product design and distinctive product quality thanks to the long fabrication experience of European style of Windows and doors since 1988, e.g. “may the best dealer win, not the cheapest dealer.”

    Eagon only grants dealerships to companies specializing in windows and doors. E.g. no big box stores or lumber yards.

  • Incentives Program
    • Credit notes to encourage the sales
    • Website listing as an exposure to the open public
    • Show room Grant fund
    • Factory tour Grant fund
    • Specialized price for the product and Ad materials for local exhibition
  • Focused Support Tools and Supports
    • Access to samples and literature
    • A dedicated website for dealers and architects to gain product knowledge and enhance your skills
    • On & Off line product installation and fabrication training
    • Funneling leads via online referral
    • Free estimation service within 72 hours after inquiry
    • Architect Lunch & Learn to support dealer sales
    • Technical structural analysis service for a sophisticated custom house and light commercial building
    • Thermal simulation service by in-house NFRC simulator